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Configure IP Login Restriction
Configure IP Login Restriction

Create IP address restrictions that can be logged

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You need to protect your system from outsiders. That's why we provide the ability to set IP address restrictions for DealPOS. This article describes how to restrict the login system for IP address users. However, for now, this feature is only available in Google Chrome.

And to restrict the login system, this means that if we enter the IP address in the IP Restriction, then that IP address can only access the main account.

Table of Content :

I. Setup IP Address Restrictions

Step 1. Go to Users, then Open Tab Groups

User Group Setting

Step 2. Select Any Group, then Enable User IP Restriction

Select the group that you want to give restriction then mark the checklist on the 'UserIPRestriction' role, and click Save.

Enable User IP Restriction

II. Setup IP that Allowed to Login

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Login

Login Configuration

Step 2. Fill in IP Address to Restrict

Fill in the IP in the 'Login IP Address' section at the bottom of this session according to your computer IP address.

Fill in IP Address to Restrict

Note : If you have entered the IP Address into the "IP Address Restriction" Column, only that User can log in to the website/system

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