We know that at this time you are having trouble getting the latest information about the update schedule, maintenance and other information related to Dealpos.

Therefore, we provide solutions for you so that you can find out various information quickly, by subscribe to our push notifications.

The following is a variety of information that we will provide:

  1. Update Version schedule and changelog

  2. Schedule Maintenance System

  3. Schedule Maintenance and issue informastion about QRIS and Payment Link

Step 1. Click Icon Bell on DealPOS Login Page

Changelog Notification - Click icon Bell

Step 2. Click the button Subscribe from push notifications

Changelog Notification - Subscribe to push notifications

Note: after clicking the button notification updated will be dropped on the notification center

Step 3. Set Show Notifications "Allow"

Changelog Notification - Allow

Step 4. Now you will receive a notification every DealPOS teams make an announcement

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