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Changelog Notification
Changelog Notification

Find out changelog of update version in POS

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We know that at this time you are having trouble getting the latest information about the update schedule, maintenance, and other information, and even can leave any feedback related POS related to DealPos.

Therefore, we provide solutions for you so that you can find out various information quickly, by subscribing to our push notifications.

The following below is a variety of information that we will provide :

  1. Update Version schedule and changelog

  2. Schedule Maintenance System

  3. Schedule Maintenance and issue information about QRIS and Payment Link

  4. You can leave any feedback, request features, or even ideas through Changelog

Changelog Web

Step 1. Click Bell Icon on DealPOS Login Page

Bell Icon on Login Page

Step 2. Announcement Dashboard will be Displayed

Announcement Dashboard will be Displayed

Notes :

After clicking the button notification it will show the dashboard changelog "Announcements" and you will see all the updated Systems.

Step 3. Choose Dashboard Roadmap

In this section, you will see all the requests that we trying to develop so the progress from :
Planning: doesn't have any progress still on planning
In Progress: the feature still on develop and still in the working process
In Beta: the feature has been finished but still in the testing process
Complete: finished developing
Step 4. Choose Dashboard Ideas

This step will show all of the ideas from other users, and the ideas that are useful and needed for everyone will be shown in this section.

Dashboard Ideas

Notes :

  • Customers can leave any idea on "Leave feedback",

  • From dealpos will sortir which idea can lead or useful for any other customer and will show up at "Ideas"

  • After we sortir and put the Ideas in this section, you will see the "like" button (it has a purpose to vote, whether this idea works on other customers or not) the more it gets like, we will try to develop the Ideas

View Like Button

Step 5. Try to Leave Any Feedback

Leave Any Feedback

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