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End of Day Report Email to Administrator
End of Day Report Email to Administrator

Send E-mail End of Day Report to Admin Only

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This article explains how to send end-of-day reports to the Administrator based on the specified time. If you cannot see the report from Dealpos, we have a solution for you to keep getting email to show your report sales for the day. This will help you to track from your email and get more easier.

To set up activated End of Day Report Notification you can following steps as below.

Table of Content :

I. Activate End of Day Report Notification

Step 1. Go to Setup, Select More Menu, then Choose Mail

Mail Setup

Step 2. Go to EoD Mail Report, then Set Specific Configuration

Configure Eod Mail



Delivery Time

The time when the EOD report will be sent an Automatic email from the server

II. Assign EoD Report to User

Step 1. Go to Users, Choose User in Admin Group, then Fill User Email

Fill User Email

Notes :

Users list will be sent End Of Day Email from server.

Check User Mail on User List

Example Email End of Day Report :

Eod Report (From Mail)
Eod Report (From Mail)

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