In the reports menu, you can see the report of sales transaction based on the number of visitors that comes to your stores. This report will help you to see how much the average spending from each visitor that came to your stores. To see the sales report by the visitor, you can follow the steps below:

I. How to Input Number of Visitors Into the Sales Transaction

Step 1. Go to the sell menu, input the product into the selling cart, and click on the notes

Sell Menu

Step 2. Click on the Other tab, and input the Number of Person, click Ok and Pay the transaction

Edit Invoice Note
Sell Complete

II. How to See the Sales Report by Visitor

Step 1. Go to the Reports menu and click more menu, then click the visitor menu

Reports more menu

Step 2. The number of visitors can now be seen

Number of visitors

Table of Properties:



Number of Person

Showing the number of person that comes to your store. The number of person will be counted based on each transaction


Showing the number of transactions that comes from the number of person. The transaction will be counted and grouped by the number of person


Showing the total amount of Sales that comes from the total sales transactions

Average Spending

Showing the average spending from each person based on divided sales

(Average Spending =
Sales / Transaction * Number of Person)

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