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Send EOD Mail Report Manually
Send EOD Mail Report Manually

Set the End of Day report delivery destination based on user groups

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You can receive reports directly to your E-mail using our feature. The article describes how to send End Of Day manually to the email that you set before based on group users. Usually sending manually EOD mail is when you do not receive any reports to your registered email.

Table of Content :

I. Create User Group & Assign to User

Step 1. Go to Users, Select Groups Tab, then Click Add

Add Group

Step 2. Input Group Name, then Click Save

Input Group Name

Notes :

If you want to set the group which already exist you could go to the next step directly.

Step 3. Assign User to Group

Assign User to Group

II. Setting Group to Receive Email

Step 1. Setup EoD Mail Report

Go to Setup then more Menu and click tab Mail.

Setup EoD Mail Report

Step 2. Go to EoD Mail Report, Set Group to Receive, then Click Save

Set Group to Receive Email

Notes :

After you set group to receive email, end of day report will automatically sent to all user email from that group.

III. Send EOD Manually

Step 1. Login to DealPOS Tools

Login to DealPOS Tools

Step 2. Send EOD Mail Tab, then Click Send EOD Mail

Send EOD Mail Manual

Notes :

You can set the invoice date that you want.

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