End of Days reports is a type of business report document that is usually drafted by the employees to track and capture all their daily activities. In business, a typical end of day report contains information about the settlement, total quantity sold, sales, and inventory. Besides the of days report, there are also End of Week and End of Month reports based on the business needs.

This article explains how to setting and send End of Day, End of Week, and End of Month Report directly to a selected user group with an e-mail account. You can follow the steps below to make send EoD, EoW, and EoM report to e-mail by following the steps below:

I. Setting recipient and report instruments

Step 1. Open mail setup in Setup, more settings, and select Mail

Setup Mail

Step 2. Select recipient and report instruments setting for End of Day

You can choose which report that you want to send, and which group/role as the Recipient.

EoD Mail Configuration

Step 3. Select recipient and report instruments setting for End of Week

EoW Mail Recipient

Step 4. Select recipient and report instruments setting for End of Month

EoM Mail Recepient

II. Send the report Manually at any time.

If you want to send your EoD, EoW, or EoM report manually without waiting until the time you will receive the report, you can also send the report manually at any time by using tools.dealpos.app.

Step 1. Open DealPOS tools app at https://tools.dealpos.app and log in with your DealPOS URL and account.

Delpos Tools

Step 2. Select the Send Mail Menu, and choose which report you want to send, then click Send Mail

Send EoD Manual

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