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Monthly EoM Report
Monthly EoM Report

Send End Of Month Report

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This article describes how to receive a report for each month by email. On Dealpos we can help you to have a report sent by every month via email, to capture all activity over the month. total qty sold, sales and inventory, you can track it by email and you will get information regarding the report. Month Report directly to a selected user group with an e-mail account. EoM report to e-mail by following the steps below :

Step 1. Go to Setup, Select More Menu, then Choose Mail

Mail Setup

Step 2. Go to EoM Email, then Set the Group and Save

After moving into the email tab menu, you can look for the "End of Month Mail" section and choose which group you want to send the email to.

Example : Admin

Set Group Email to Send EoM Report

Afterward, the email will be sent automatically on Monday morning. To email that has been written on a specific group.

If you have some trouble sending a report each month you can send them manually through tools, you can check this article: Send EoD mail Report Manually.

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