Presuming you accidentality saved your login password and you do not want your information from being unintentionally saved or used in your browser. Please follow these steps to disable and clear it.

Table of Content :

I. Google Chrome Instructions

II. Firefox Instructions

I. Google Chrome Instructions

In Google Chrome, you can turn off autofill data, and delete the data before

Step 1. Turning Off Autofill in Chrome

Click the Chrome menu icon (In the top right of the browser) then click on Settings menu.

Chrome - More Menu - Settings

In the "Autofill" section, expand the area for which you wish to disable Autofill.(In this scenario i choose Password)

Password Autofill

Turn it off and the settings will save the changes

Turn Off Save Passwords

Step 2. Clearing Autofill Data in Chrome

Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL on your keyboard then go to the "Advanced" tab.

Advance Settings

At the top, choose “All Time” option to erase the autofill from the very beginning.

Time Range

Make sure that the “Autofill Form Data” is checked, click "Clear Data." to continue the process

Tick the Check box - Clear Data

II. Firefox Instructions

In Firefox, you can turn off autofill data, and delete the data you have inputted before

Step 1. Turning off Autofill in Firefox

Click on the Firefox menu icon. (In the top right of the browser), then click on settings

Firefox - More Menu - Settings

Select "Privacy & Security.", and scroll down until Logins and Passwords section

Privacy & Security Menu

In the "Logins and Passwords" section. uncheck "Autofill logins and passwords." The system will automatically save your settings

Uncheck Autofill Logins and Passwords

Step 2. Clearing Autofill Data in Firefox

Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL, In the "Time Range to Clear" dropdown menu, select “Everything.” to erase the autofill from the very beginning

Time Range Everything

Make sure “Form & Search History” option is checked, then click OK to continue

Click OK to Remove Passwords

Notes :

Delete autofill in Firefox may also delete your browsing history.

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