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Update Product SKU in Tiktokshop Seller
Update Product SKU in Tiktokshop Seller

This article will explain how to add/change SKU to the product in bulk and in units.

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You can add/change SKU in Bulk on our product, especially if you want to integrate your Channel TikTok with Omnichannel DealPOS but the products in TikTok do not have a Product SKU yet. You can follow the steps below:

Table of Content:

I. Update Product SKU

Step 1. Go to Product, Click 'Manage Products', Then Click Edit on Product

Manage Products TikTok

Step 2. Scroll to Down, Then Edit The Column 'Seller SKU' & Click Button 'Update'

Seller SKU Product

II. Bulk Update Product SKU

Step 1. Go to Product, Click 'Batch Tool'

Batch Tools TikTokshop

Step 2. Click 'Select Product' Then, Choose Product You Want to Updated

Export Product TikTok

Checklist the Product and Click Button 'Select Checked/Select Filtered'

Export Product TikTok

Step 3. Choose 'Sales Information' Then, Click Button 'Generate Template' & Click Button 'Download'

Generate Export Template

Step 4. Open File Excel

File Excel

Step 5. Add/Update Product SKU in 'Seller SKU' Column, Then Save File

Change Seller SKU in Excel

Step 6. Click 'Upload Excel File', Then Click 'Select File' & Choose Excel File

Upload Product


After choosing file success, The SKU Product has been Successfully Updated

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