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Renew Lazada Authorization
Renew Lazada Authorization

How to renew your lazada authorization

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When you integrate DealPOS with the Lazada Channel, authorization needs to be renewed within a certain period of time (according to what was selected at the start of authorization). If the authorization has expired, the order and stock synchronization process will not continue because the authorization has expired.

When you do a channel test on a Lazada Channel whose authorization has expired, the system will display an error message like the one below.

Refresh Token Error Message

The solution is that you have to re-authorize the Lazada channel. You can check how to do this in the steps below.

Step 1. Go to Channel, then Click On Lazada Channel

Lazada Channel

Step 2. Click On + Button

Click On + Button

Step 3. Choose Account Region & User Login, then Click Submit

Choose Account Region & Log In

Step 4. Click Add to My Channel

Add to My Channel

Step 5. Try to Test on Lazada Channel

Test on Lazada Channel

Notes :

We recommend downloading orders from the previous date to make sure that all of the orders are synchronized.

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