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How to Setup product with Expiry Date
How to Setup product with Expiry Date

Input an Expired date on a product

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Currently, DealPOS is able to handle or support the input of the expiration date for products. Inputting the expiration date is highly beneficial for businesses like pharmacies. You can check which products will expire in specific months. This can prevent losses as you can track products that are about to expire and sell them in on time

I. Expired Date Requirement

Before inputting or entering the Expired Date, you must have the product and stock for the Serialized product type. If you are currently not using the Serialized Product Type, you can follow the tutorial in the following article for guide : Serialized / Batch Tracking Product Type.

II. How to Input Expired Date

Step 1. Go To Product Menu, then Click Tab Serial

Step 2. Open Serial Product you Want to Added the Expired Date

Step 3. Click Edit

Step 4. Fill Expiry Date, then Save

Step 5. Expiry Date was Successfully Added

III. How to Check Report Expired Products

Step 1. Go To Product Menu, then Click Tab Serial

Step 2. Click Filter, then Input Expiry Date and Click Button Search

Step 3. Products Expire on the Filtered Date will Appear


If you're using the DealPOS Marketplace Integration (Omnichannel), The integration will be semi-integrated. In Omnichannel Integration, it's not possible to read specific Serials of the sold items, so there will be manual input during the Fulfillment / Outbound Logistics process.

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