You can choose to enable or disable taxes on each product or variant if your business process generates a variety of products that are taxed and/or not taxed. By using the procedures below, you can establish the taxes for each product or version. For instance, we'll develop a product with service expenses like delivery charges. We will create a service costs product such as shipping fees.

Step 1. Go to Products, then Choose Any Product / Variant

Select the product or variant that you want to set the tax.


Step 2. Click Edit

Edit variants

Step 3. Enable / Disable Tax, then Submit

Select ''Yes" to enable tax or "No" to disable tax, then click Submit.

Submit Tax Enable or Disable

Step 4. Try to Make a Transaction

If you set the taxable to "No", the chosen tax will not affect the item when you sell it.

Tax disabled on sell

Set Product Tax Tutorial Video

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