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Setup Default Tax for Every Outlet
Setup Default Tax for Every Outlet

Guide on how to set the default tax for each outlet.

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In this article, we will explain how to set up Default Tax in Outlet settings. This is intended if you have a different tax policy at each outlet, and to avoid the cashier forgetting to assign the appropriate tax, you can set a default tax for each outlet with the configuration described in this article. For example, here I will use PPN 11% as the Default Tax at Outlet 1 - Muara Karang.

Step 1. Go to Outlet Menu, then Choose Outlet

Choose outlet that you want to set it's default tax.

Outlet List

Step 2. Click Edit

Setup Default Tax For Every Outlet - Edit

Step 3. Click Tab Default, Set Tax Type, then Click Save

Setup Default Tax For Every Outlet - Set default Tax

Step 4. Make Sales Transaction to View the Result

Go to the Sell menu and choose Outlet 1 - Muara Karang, as you can see, the tax will be set automatically at PPN 11%.

Sell menu

[Tutorial Video] Setup Default Tax for Every Each Outlet

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