New Tax Regulations in Indonesia have been applied since April 1st, 2022. The Indonesian Government has changed the Tax from 10% to 11%. This means we need to apply new tax in the DealPOS system too.

And for the Tax in DealPOS System, we MUST Create the new 11% Tax. We warn you to not Edit the old 10% Tax because it will cause your old transactions tax calculation to change to 11%.

Here are the steps to Create a Tax in DealPOS :

Step 1. Go to Setup - Tax - click Add

Add new Tax

Step 2. Fill in the Form and Save

Fill in the New Tax Form

Step 3. Tax 11% has been created and leave the Tax 10%

Tax 11% has been created

You can also check in the Sell Menu

Tax in the Sell Menu

Step 4. Sort Tax to make it Default

You can also Sort the Tax to make it Default in the Sell Menu by Drag & Drop

Sort Tax and Save Changes
Default Tax in the Sell Menu

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