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Setup Minimum Inventory for Each Channel
Setup Minimum Inventory for Each Channel

How to set the minimum inventory in each marketplace.

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The minimum inventory configuration can be used when you want to have different stock settings in each store in the marketplace or when you don't want to sell a few leftover goods at Shopee / Tokopedia.

Or when there are rejected goods, for example when you have many shops, sometimes the stock has rejected goods, so you can adjust how much of the reject stock is usually in 1 SKU so that when it reaches the minimum limit, the goods cannot be sold in the marketplace anymore because it includes rejected goods.

Table of Content :

I. Marketplace Channel Configuration

Step 1. Go to Channel, then Select Any Channel

Select the channel that will be set.

Choose a Channel

Step 2. Click Configure

Configure Channel

Step 3. Configure Channel Advance

Click advance, and then fill in the minimum inventory and click submit.

Set Advance Minimum Inventory

Notes :

For example, I set the minimum inventory for Shopee 5 and Tokopedia 10

II. Make Sales Transaction

Inventory Comparison

Notes :

Product stock in each store are 12.

Step 1. Go to Sell

Sell Menu

Notes :

Try to make a transaction at POS, but this will also apply when there is a transaction at Shopee / Tokopedia

Step 2. Add Item to Cart

I made a sales transaction for 3 pcs of 'Baju Hulk'.

Input item to the Cart
Sell Complete

When the transaction is successful, the stock of Baju Hulk will change to 0 in Tokopedia, because earlier we set the minimum inventory to 10 so that if the stock is below 10, the product will not be able to be sold.

Inventory Comparison
Tokopedia Stock

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