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How to view Purchase Reports
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In the process of purchasing or filling stock, we also provide a report or recap of the purchase transactions that occurred. Almost the same as the sales report, this purchase report is also provided in various tabbed displays, which of course provide purchase reports in various forms, one of which is the Purchase Report by Detail, which will break down our purchases. For a more detailed explanation, you can check the explanation below to access the Purchase Report by Detail.

Step 1. Go to Reports, Click More Menu, then Choose Purchase Report Detail

Purchase Report Detail - How to access Purchase Report

Step 2. Filter Purchases Report Detail as Needed (Optional)

If you would like filter your reports by date range, click From/To dates, and click Search.

Purchase Report Detail - Using date Filter

The following filter types can be applied to the purchase report detail :

  • Outlet

  • Category

  • Supplier

  • Currency

  • Sort

Step 3. Purchase Report Detail was Displayed

Purchase Report Detail - Result after Using filter



Tax Added

Tax Total from all Supplier Bills

Purchases with Tax

Total Amount with Tax from all Supplier Bills


Total Supplier Bills


Total Product Quantity from all Supplier Bills

Gross Purchase

Total Amount Purchase from all Supplier Bills (Discounts Included)


Total Discount (Converted into Amount) from all Supplier Bills

Tax Included

Tax Included Total separated from Total Amount Purchases

Net Purchase

Total Amount Purchase without Discounts

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