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Assign Customer Contact as Supplier
Assign Customer Contact as Supplier
How to assign customer contact into supplier if you have the same customer and supplier at dealpos system
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If you have customer data and also act as a supplier of your products.. It is no longer necessary to manually generate or add supplier data. However, it can be handled or set up automatically. As a result, it will be simpler to designate a customer contact as a supplier. You only need to do the following few easy steps to set it up.

Step 1. Go to Contact (Customers Tab), then Select Any Customer

Click on one of the customer names that you want to make as a supplier too.

contact details

Step 2. Click Arrow Button, then Choose Create Supplier from this Customer

Click the Down Arrow Button on the Contact Details Page, Then Click "Create Supplier From This Customer".

contact details

Step 3. Supplier was Created from Customer Contact

Create Supplier From Customer Contact

You can try to make sure again in the contact supplier data :

supplier list

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