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Member Exclusive for Outlet
Member Exclusive for Outlet
how to add Exclusive outlet for customer through Contact Menu.
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If you have many outlets, and you want to place your customers in each outlet, you can use this feature. This feature makes it easier for you for each outlet to make sales based on the customers in the outlet so that there are no customer input errors when making sales. You can limit the access of customers at certain outlets.

The following are the steps to use the exclusive member for outlet feature on DealPOS :

Step 1. Go to Contact (Customers Tab), then Choose Any Customer

Select customer that you want to give outlet restriction.

customer list

Step 2. Click Edit

Edit customer data that you want to set restriction.

edit customer

Step 3. Assign Customer to Exclusive Outlet, then Click Save

Choose exclusive outlet on membership sub-menu to assign the outlet, then save.

assign exclusive member

Step 4. Make Sales Transaction to View the Result

Whenever you selling at other outlets the customer that you have to assign an exclusive outlet shouldn't appear.


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