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Learn how to create specific discounts on specific customer group

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If you want to give your customers special offers, We provide you with customer group features. When you separate customers by groups, you can also set different discounts for each customer based on their group.

The customer group is a special treat for your customer who has been registered as a special customer. They will be given a special discount when they're making transactions.

I. Add Customer Group through the Contacts Menu

Step 1. Go to Contacts, Click More Menu, then Select Customer (Group)

Add new customer group

Step 2. Click Add

Select customer group

Step 3. Fill in Customer Group Detail, then Click Save

Fill in the group name and other properties on the form, then click save.

Customer group name

Customer Group Properties Index :



Data Type







Discount For Jade Member

Point Disable



Discount Rate

Fill with numbers without the '%' percentage symbol



(*)is required

II. Assign Customer Group to Contacts

Step 1. Go to Contact (Customers Tab), then Select Any Customer

Select and edit the contact that you want to assign to the customer group.

Edit customer contact

Step 2. Click Edit, Assign Customer to Group, then Click Save

Select the group that you want to assign to the contact, then click Save.

Select customer group

III. Customer's Display on Sell

If you select the contact that you already assigned to the group in the sell menu, the customer will get the discount based on the group that you have set before.

Discount from customer gorup

IV. Add & Assign Customer to Group in Sell Menu

Besides creating a customer group in the Contacts menu, you can also directly assign new customers from the Sell menu to the available groups. To directly set the customer group in the sell menu you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Click + Button

Add new customer

Step 2. Fill out the Customer Form, then Click the Detail Tab

Detail customer form

The customer will be created in the contact menu with the assigned group.

Customer contact detail

V. Set Customer Groups by Default in the Sell Menu

You can also set the default group that will be assigned to the new customer from the Sell menu. To set the customer groups by default, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Module

Group customer default setup

Step 2. Click Contact Tab, Select Customer Group, then Click Save

Group customer default

For example, we will choose Diamond as the default customer group when there's a new customer added from the Sell menu.

Step 3. Go to Sell, then Create New Customer

New customer from Sell menu

The customer will be assigned to the default group that we set up before

Customer detail

(Tutorial Video) Create Customer Group :

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