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Auto Generate Contact Code
Auto Generate Contact Code

Generate contact code automatically when creating new contact data

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Sometimes if a store has many customers and wants to manually code the customer it will take time. For that, at DealPOS you can make customer codes generated automatically to make it easier for you when inputting customers.

Then we can also customize the prefix for the new customer code so that the customer code matches what we want.

This article explains how to add code generated for new customers automatically. with this configuration, each customer will automatically has a member code that we have specified.

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Module

Module Configuration

Step 2. Go to Contact Tab, then Configure Code Generator

Try to enable the code generator & fill in the prefix, then click save.

Column Properties :



Data Type



Word, letter, or number placed before another




The number of digits required



Step 3. Try to Add New Customer

Contact's code will automatically be generated every time you create a new customer both from the sell menu (quick add customer feature) and from the contacts menu.

Notes :

We try to add a new customer without filling in the customer code field.

Quick Add Customer from Sell Menu :

Recheck the code in the contacts list.

Add Customer from Contacts Menu :

The customer code field will be automatically filled by the code generator system. So, you don't need to fill in the customer code field again.

Notes :

This configuration only works with new customers added after activating the code generator, the past customer that was added before the config was activated should not take effect.

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