For some Company it was necessary to give commission for the Sales Person that work hard to sell it's products, and if the company has a lot of Sales Person it will be hard to set the commission by how long the Sales Person have been working for the company, if it was set evenly it will be unfair for the Sales Person that work for more time than the others, That's why we enable this feature at our program.

Table of Content :

I. Add Product Commission

Step 1. Go to Product, then Select Any Variant to Set Commission

Choose Variant to Edit

Step 2. Click Edit

Edit Variant to Input Commission

Step 3. Go to Commission Tab, then Input Product Commission

Input Product Commission

As you can see, we have two options for commission assignment. In the Commission column, you can input commission globally (without distinguishing sales group).

How to add product Commission - Commission global

But if you want to differentiate the commission based on the sales group, you can fill in the commission in the Sales Group column according to each group.

How to add product Commission - Comission by Sales Group

For example, we will use commission globally (first option).

II. View Commission Report

When you sell the product and call the sales person in the group, the sales person will automatically get a commission according to the group.

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction with Sales Person

Make Sales Transaction with Sales Person

Step 2. Go to Reports, then Select Employee Tab

View Commission Report

DealPOS has provided several views for commission reports, for detailed information, check the following article : Sales Commission Report.

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