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Import Sales Order via CSV
Import Sales Order via CSV

Besides you can make transactions manually, you can make transactions with import orders.

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Sales Order (SO) is a document made by a seller specifying the details about the products/services ordered by a customer, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. So basically it's an offer before a Customer deals with the transaction they want to make.

Users can upload the order in bulk via CSV, to make it easier not to input the orders one by one. Using this method also can save more time when making many transactions.

There are several conditions that require users to import orders via CSV files :

  • Old Order
    When there is an old order, or the order has not been inputted into the system.

  • POS System Migration
    When a new user uses DealPOS and has previously used other POS systems, then they want to import order data from the previous POS system.

  • Unsynced Marketplace Orders
    When the marketplace server is congested and causes orders not to be automatically uploaded to DealPOS.

Read the following steps to import orders via CSV files :

Step 1. Go to Orders, then Click Import

Order List

Step 2. Download CSV Sample

Download CSV Sample

Notes :

After you click the download sample button you can see the sample CSV file.

Step 3. Edit CSV File Data Based on Your Order, then Save the File

Edit CSV File

Index Properties




The number of invoices


The name of the Outlet


Date of making


Customer Email or Code


Tax name in your system


Code which is used to uniquely identify a variant


Quantity of product in your transaction


The price you want to sell to your customer


A discount on the product


Additional note

Payment Method

The way that a buyer chooses method of payment


The sum of payment

Step 4. Choose a CSV File to Upload

Choose CSV File

Step 5. Upload CSV File

Upload CSV File

Step 6. Invoice was Successfully Imported

File was Uploaded

Step 7. Recheck Uploaded Order in Order List

Recheck Order in Order List

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