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Set Fulfillment Schedule for Ordered Items
Set Fulfillment Schedule for Ordered Items

A fulfillment schedule is a schedule for the delivery of products that will be sent to the customer when the customer makes a purchase.

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In DealPOS, you can arrange to schedule the delivery of goods to the customer when it is done. It can also make it easier for customers and sellers because it will be listed in the invoice for the date of delivery of the goods.

This article will show you how to schedule shipments to your customers into a shipping invoice. You do not need to change the customer address information from the contact menu if the delivery to be made is not from the address in the customer database.

I. Fulfillment Date Configuration

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Module

Setup More Menu

Step 2. Go to the Sell Tab

module configuration

Scroll down until you find the Fulfillment configuration. You can input the fulfillment label as you need then press save.

fulfillment configuration

II. Set Fulfillment Date on Sell

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Transaction with Fulfillment Later

Go to the Sell menu, input the sales transaction, and then click the fulfillment button.

Fulfillment later Sell menu

Step 2. Setting Fulfillment Date

Input fulfillment form then set the Fulfillment date and click the ok button to submit.

Recipient is not Buyer

Notes :

If the delivery to be made is not from the address in the customer database, you can click on Recipient != Buyer. Then you will enter the latest shipping address without having to change the customer address in the database.

Step 3. Pay Transaction

Click the payment button to process the transaction.

Sales Transaction

Step 4. View the Result on Printed Invoice

Customer Invoice A4 with Shipping Addres

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