Limiting receivables is something that must be done by every company because if it is not limited to its maximum, receivables will increasingly accumulate. Therefore we give you an option to be able to set the debt limit based on the debt nominal at a particular customer. So when they cross the maximum limit that has been set, they will not be able to make transactions again.

I. Set Customer Debt Limit

Step 1. Select customer name through the contact menu

Choose Customer to Edit

Step 2. Select edit in customer detail

Edit Customer

Step 3. Scroll down till you found sales & pricing then fill the debt limit and maximum overdue for each customer

II. Customer Debt Limit Through Sell Menu

Step 1. Whenever you select a customer to create a transaction and already reach the debt limit that you set

Step 2. Transaction will be automatically blocked by the system

Over limit Debt

Step 3. If the Overdue date is passed, there will be an error message on the right bottom corner during sell

Overdue Invoices

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