On DealPOS there are types of inventory as Onhand, Allocated, and Available. For the illustration as table and following steps below:




Is the quantity expect to see in your warehouse


Quantity represents the quantity of the product reserved to be used in the pending sale and/or work orders


Always a difference between on Hand quantity and Allocated quantity. Formulas (On hand - Allocated)

As table above if any transaction happened on Marketplace or POS with product have not send yet. then inventory of product will be allocated status. This below is report inventory allocated so make it easy to find out stock that available on the store.

I. How to Use Allocated Inventory

Step 1. Check Inventory Product

Note : for example Sport Shoes (43) with 25 unit inventory on hand

Step 2. Create a Sell with 'Delivery' Shipping

note : you need to choose 'Delivery' option shipping

3. Click Pay Button And Then Sell Complete

II. How to Check Inventory Status

Back to Allocated Inventory tab

Note : after making a sale you could check inventory of Turleneck Men Long Sleeve Black (L) . On Allocated inventory now will be appear 6 it marks qty has booked or ready to send, previously there were 5 Turleneck Men Long Sleeve Black (L) that were booked

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