On DealPOS there are 3 types of inventory which are On Hand, Allocated, and Available. For the illustration as table and following steps below:



On Hand

Is the quantity expect to see in your warehouse


Inventory that has been ordered by Customer but has not been Fulfilled


Always a difference between on Hand quantity and Allocated quantity. Formulas (On hand - Allocated)

As table above if any transaction happened on Marketplace or POS with product have not send yet. then inventory of product will be allocated status. This below is report inventory allocated so make it easy to find out stock that available on the store.

I. How to Use Allocated Inventory

Step 1. Go to sell menu click on on fulfilment

Choose Later on Fulfilment

And click ok to proceed the transaction. As you can see on the Later option, there's information about Unfulfilled product, the product will be allocated

Step 2. Check Orders menu

The product will be set as Unsent on delivery status because it was allocated

Step 3. Search for the product status on Product menu

To make it easy to search your product, insert the product code on search bar

Step 4. Click Variants on product

Step 5. Check the inventory

The product is allocated

II. How to Check Inventory Status

Go to Inventory and choose Allocated Tab

III. How to set allocated product after costumer already received the products

Step 1. Go to Order and choose customer invoice

Step 2. Click Send on Delivery

Step 3. Click save

The product invoice will be updated as delivery sent

And allocated inventory in inventory menu will be empty

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