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Show Content/Unit Quantity in the UOM Column
Show Content/Unit Quantity in the UOM Column

How to show the UoM Content/Unit Quantity to accurately count the current stocks or to prevent miscalculated

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When you want to check your Multiple UoM Product Stocks, you can show your Content/Unit Quantity for the Parent product, so you don't have to count the Child product manually. The System will show all the Child product total stocks based on the current stock from the Parent product.

Multiple UOM Product


Instant Noodles have 2 variants (Pack and Pcs).

1 Pack contains 50 Pcs.

The UOM column will show 1 Pack Instant Noodles = 50 (Containing 50 Pcs) as the Total Instant Noodles. So if you have 2 Pack Instant Noodles = 100 Total Pcs. (2 Pack x 50 Pcs)

Here are the steps to show Unit Total Quantity in the UOM Column:

Step 1. Create the Multiple UoM Product

First, you can create the Multiple UoM Product as explained in this article: Multiple UOM Product Type

Step 2. Setting Variant Info

Go to the Product Menu and Click the UOM Parent Variant.

Product Multiple UoM Info

Step 3. Click Edit on the Product Variant

Edit Product

Step 4. Go to Advanced Tab, Submit Product Content/Unit, and click Submit

You can fill the Content/Unit as 50 because this product contains 50 Pcs of the Child product

Content/Unit filling

Step 5. Go to Inventory Valuation and view the Result

Inventory Valuation

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