The inventory menu you can view the smallest unit of a large stock unit.

Example :

Jogger pants has 2 variant (Pcs and Lusin), 1 Lusin contains 12 Pcs. In the UOM column will be visible for 1 Lusin @12(containing 12 Pcs) and total Pcs. So that the Quantity*Content column will add up the total items in a Pcs.

This is step to show unit total quantity in column UOM :

Step 1. Multi-UOM Merging And Splitting The Products on Inventory Stock

To create a product with multi-UOM can follow this link


Step 2. Setting Variant Info

Go to Product Menu and Click the variant large unit product.

Step 3. Click edit product variant.

Step 4. Content column filled with a ratio toward this product Jogger Pant (Lusin) to Pcs.

Step 5. View result on inventory menu

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