You could manage the ROP/Threshold inventory and Maximum inventory of every product with ROP/Threshold inventory and Max Inventory features. You can use these features to avoid running out of stock by reminding you to re-stock when inventory is below the ROP/Threshold inventory.

If you don't know the difference between reorder points and maximum inventory, you can read this article

The following are the advantages of using ROP/Threshold inventory and Max inventory:

  1. Help protect against excessive supply and demand fluctuations

  2. Reduces the possibility of lost revenue because the company has stock to accept new orders

  3. Reduce the risk of losing customers

This article will explain to you how to set ROP/Threshold inventory and maximum inventory of the product.

Table of Content :

I. Edit ROP & Max Inventory for Single Product

Step 1. Choose Products, then Select Any Variant

Variant Product

Step 2. Click Edit, Go to Inventory Tab, then Set ROP & Max Inventory

ROP/Threshold inventory and Max Inventory

Click submit after editting.

II. Bulk Product Edit ROP & Max Inventory

If the product you want to set the Reorder Point/Threshold inventory and Max Inventory in large quantities of product variants, we recommend you to use the Export and Import CSV file format in the following way :

Step 1. Go to Product, then Export Product with ROP & Max Inventory

export with buffer and threshold inventory

Step 2. Open Exported File, Set ROP & Max Inventory, then Save File

Export ROP/Threshold inventory and Max inventory

Step 3. Import Edited CSV File to System

Import or Upload CSV Buffer Threshold

Notes :

  1. To show the Inventory Update function you need to click on the More Option

  2. Activate the Inventory Update to update ROP/Threshold inventory & Max Inventory

III. View Low & Max Inventory

Step 1. Go to Inventory, then Select Low Tab

ROP/Threshold inventory & Max Inventory Report

In this report, you will see which products are already below the limit of the ROP, so you can quickly order from suppliers.

Table Index :




Showing outlet name


Showing product name


Showing product code


Showing On-hand quantity from the product (On hand = Available + Allocated), for more information about inventory status, you can go to this link

ROP/Threshold inventory

Showing reorder point from the product


Showing suggested action based on calculation from On hand inventory and Buffer inventory


Showing maximum inventory from the product


Showing suggested action based on calculation from On hand inventory and Threshold inventory

Step 2. Go to Dashboard, then Activate Inventory Pane

Select Show More Retail Metrics, then Activate Inventory Pane.

Dashboard Metrics

The dashboard will show Product ROP.

Products to Reorder/Threshold inventory

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