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Checking Inventory with Highest Quantity
Checking Inventory with Highest Quantity

Check your Highest or Lowest Product/Variant Quantity in Inventory Menu

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Sometimes we want to know what product with the highest or the lowest quantity in our store/warehouse, so we can make sure that we should and shouldn't buy more stocks for that product to avoid a Lack of Stocks and Overstock.

We will explain how to find out which products have the most stock to the least stock. You can follow the steps below to check the inventory with the highest quantity:

Step 1. Go to Inventory, then Click Highest Quantity Tab

Highest Quantity Inventory

Step 2. Filter Inventory as Needed (Optional)

Filtering on Highest Quantity

Step 3. Sort the Data Table by Clicking the Arrow Beside the Column Name

Sort Stock by On Hand

You can do Sorting to display data from the most / from the lowest

Table Index :

Column Name



Showing the rank from the product's stock data


Showing the product's name


Showing the product's code

On Hand

Showing the total on-hand quantity from the products

Total Sold

Showing the total quantity of the sold product

Last Purchase

Showing the product's last purchase date


Showing the product's release date

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