In the following article we will explain the steps to put your stock into the DealPOS system:

1. Via Product Menu (To enter initial product stock)
2. Using the Menu (To enter re-stock products from suppliers)
3. Using the Adjustment Menu (To make adjustments to the stock in real and in the system / Stock Taking)

I. Via Products Menu

Step 1. Products - Import


Step 2. Click Choose File - Select File → Upload

If you want to import the initial amount to your outlet, then you press the more menu button then for inventory update select 'yes'


Example CSV File :


Description :


: Product categories

Product *

: Product name

Product Code

: Unique code used to identify a product


: Variants available for a product


: Unique Code used to identify a Variant


: Name of Supplier

Unit Cost

: The price of the goods you buy from the supplier

Unit Price

: The selling price of the goods you will sell to the buyer


: Discount For Product


: Unit of measurement


: Standard / Non-inventory / Complimentar / Serialized / Composite

Reorder Point

: Lower inventory limit


: Commission For Sales

[Dynamic Column Names]

Inventory_{Outlet Name}

: Quantity of stock outlet

UnitPrice_{Outlet Name}

:Unit price for each outlet

Pricebook_{Pricebook Name}

: Pricebook

II. Using BUY Menu Via UI & CSV File

Before you enter your inventory through the Buy menu, make sure to buy the product if you have input it into the system. If you have not been able to add products by following the steps in the following article : Add New Product

Step 1. Go to Buy Menu - Input Product - Pay

Add items that you want to buy by selecting the Add Item button (or using the F4 key shortcut) or by importing items using CSV files.


Example Of CSV File :



: Unique code used to identify a product


: The amount of stock product you want to enter


: COGS or capital price

III. Using Adjustment Menu

Step 1. Go to Adjustment Menu - Stock Take By Spreadsheet - Input Stock - Checked - Confirm Adjustment


Filling Inventory Tutorial Video

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