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Bulk Input Product when Purchasing Order
Bulk Input Product when Purchasing Order

Upload multiple products using CSV file when Buying (Create Purchase Order)

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Your product data has been successfully added, but the stock is still empty? or do you have a purchase invoice that needs to be inputted in DealPOS? You can fill the stock by inputting Purchase Transactions / Purchase Order on the Buy menu, so that the stock of the products you just buy will be added to the Inventory.

If you want to create a purchase order but you have multiple products to input at once, instead of inputting the product manually on the Buy menu, you can use the import function in the Buy Menu.

Step 1. Go to Buy, then Click Upload Button

Buy using csv

Step 2. Click Download Sample File

In the upload file button, there will be a sample CSV file. You can download and use it as a template for importing your product.

Download csv sample

Sample Format CSV File :

csv file sample

Step 3. Upload CSV File

Click Choose file, select the CSV file that you've updated with your product's data from your drive, and click Ok.

Upload csv file

Step 4. Bulk Product was Added to Cart

This is the result after uploading multiple products.

Result from import bulk item

[Tutorial Video] Bulk Input Product when Purchasing Order

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