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Purchase Order with Fulfillment Later
Purchase Order with Fulfillment Later

Create a purchase order for items we haven't received yet

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Sometimes you want to create a Purchase Order to increase the stocks of your products from the supplier. When making a Purchase Order, you can make a Purchase Order that does not instantly increase the stocks of your products by using Fulfillment later (products will be received later).

To create a Purchase Order with Fulfillment Later, you can follow the steps from the example of creating a Purchase order below:

Step 1. Make Purchase Order in the Buy menu, click the Fulfillment button, then Select Later

Make Purchase Order

Step 2. Go to Orders and select Supplier Bill, click the invoice, then click Receive

Click on the Supplier Bill number that we have created with Fulfillment Later. As we can see in the supplier bill detail, the Fulfillment status will be recorded as Waiting because the Supplier Bill Fulfillment is Later. To receive the products, you can click on the Receive Button on the Fulfillment tab in the Supplier Bill.

Receive Inventory

Step 3. Input the Received Quantity and Click the Add button

After you click the Receive button, there will be an Inbound Logistic Form. You can fill the 'QTY' column with how much quantity you just received and click the Add button.

Input Received Quantity

You can go to the orders menu to see the purchase invoice, the status of the fulfillment will be changed to Received.

Check Inbound Logistics Summary

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