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Buying Serialized Product
Buying Serialized Product

How to add stock for the serialized product type with serial number.

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DealPOS is already supported for electronic products / serialized products. First of all, make sure you have made products with serialized type in the DealPOS system Products with Serial Numbers (Electronics, Mobile, etc.). The next step is to purchase a product with a serial number to enter the stock of the product. You can check the explanation below:

I. How To Buy Serialized Products by Manual

Step 1. Go to Buy Menu, Input Product, Click Product

Purchase Order for Serialized Inventory - Buy Serialized Product

Step 2. Input Serial Number, Click Ok

After you input the product serial code, make sure you press the Enter button on your keyboard and click Add.

Purchase Order for Serialized Inventory - Input serial product

Step 3. Pay, Purchase Complete

Purchase Order for Serialized Inventory - Payment dialog

Purchase Complete :

Purchase Order for Serialized Inventory - Purchase Completed

Step 4. Check Stok Product Serialized

To make sure the stock and serial number are inputted, you can check the detailed information on the product menu and select the product that you have purchased.

Purchase Order for Serialized Inventory - Inventory stock increased after Purchase

II. How To Buy Serialized Product Bulk using CSV

Step 1. Go to Buy Menu, Click More Action then Click Upload

Buy Menu

Step 2. Download Sample File

Download Sample

Step 3. Input Code Product & Code Serial then Save File

You can input a quantity of more than 1 for 1 serial code.

Enter Serial on CSV FIle

Step 4. Click Choose File, Select File CSV then Click Ok

Choose file CSV

Step 5. Product Already Success added on Item Cart

The product will be entered, and you can continue the transaction

Product already added

Congratulations! You already learned how to input serialized products using the buy menu manually or directly using CSV. If you have questions regarding how to input serialized products, you can contact us via Live Chat

Purchase Order for Serialized Inventory Tutorial Video

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