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Consignment Process to Several Shops
Consignment Process to Several Shops

How to do the consignment process to several shops or marketplaces

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Consignment is the method of selling one's personal products to a third-party vendor, such as a consignment shop or an online thrift store. The owner of the goods pays a commission to a third-party vendor from the sales made by the third-party vendor in this consignment sale process. For now, we already support maintaining inventory items that are deposited in other stores for consignment needs in the DealPOS application. You can see the steps in doing consignment for several stores.


In this case, we act as a depositor of products to send our product to a consignment outlet

I. Add Consignment Outlet and Move Stock to Consignment

Step 1. Go to Outlet Menu, then Click Add

Add New Outlet

Click Save, and choose the "Consignment Sales" Reason

Create new Consignment Outlet

Notes :

Add outlet only if you haven't added it yet, for example, we'll create new Outlet as a Consignment Outlet (Named Consignment)

Step 2. Go to Logistics Menu (Transfer Order), then Click New

To make shipments from producers to consignment stores

Logistics New

Step 3. Select Destination Outlet

Outlet1 (Goods delivery place) - Consignments (destination goods)

Transfer Order

Step 4. Transfer Order was Created

You will have data on shipping goods to the Consignment outlet.

Transfer Order berhasil terbuat

Step 5. Go to Inventory, then Select Product by Outlet Tab

View Inventory that is in the Consignment outlet.

Product by Outlet

II. Make a Transaction in Consignment Outlet

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Choose Consignment Outlet

Buat penjualan

Step 2. Make Sales Transaction, then Click Pay

buat transaksi penjualan consignment

Step 3. Recheck Product Inventory on Inventory Traffic

So when there is a transaction in the Outlet5 then the inventory will decrease. Go to Inventory menu, more menu, and click Inventory Traffic (Outlet).

outlet inventory trafic

Click on Outlet Inventory Traffic :

outlet inventory trafic

*Notes :

We will charge your Consignment Outlet if you sell more than 25 transactions in a month. So if you don't want to be charged, you could combine your transactions into 1-time selling, at least once a week.

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