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Using Prepaid Package Component
Using Prepaid Package Component

Prepaid Package with additional product as component

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If you have a business that utilizes prepaid package features such as beauty salons, gym memberships, and so on, every time you provide a service, your customers may need additional products for the prepaid package they are currently using

For example, in the "Hair Treatment" Prepaid package product type, you want to add Shampoo, Conditioner, Water, or other products that you might need to input so that whenever a customer makes an appointment for treatment, we can include what products are used when the treatment is on progress and also reduce the stocks from the component product used

Step 1. Go to Products and Create the Component Product to be used in the Prepaid Package

Product Component

For example, we will create a Conditioner as the additional component when the customer is using the Hair Treatment prepaid package

Step 2. Go to Prepaid Package and Add the Customer

Then do the sales and check-in as usual on the product you have configured.

Waiting Customer

Step 3. Recheck the Prepaid Package Component Used

Go to the Waiting Customer Tab, click on the current treatment, go to the Component Tab, and fill in the Input Component Form. Here we can input the Additional Component that will be used in the current Treatment for the customer.

Waiting Customer
Add product Component

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