Pricebook/wholesale is a feature that makes you able to set special prices / wholesale prices depending on the minimum purchase quantity required in a transaction without changing the original price of the product.

Example: You sell clothes for Rp. 100,000.00 / Pcs but if the customer buys more than 10 pcs, it will be charged at the price of Rp. 95,000 / Pcs or you can also add a discount if needed.

You can also use e price book to give special prices to loyal customers or only your particular customers by setting it directly in the customer's contact.

Table of Content :

I. Enable Pricebook

II. Add New Pricebook

III. Using Pricebook on Sales

I. Enable Pricebook

Step 1. Click more menu on the Setup menu then click configuration module

More menu module

Step 2. Click tab Sell on the configuration module and scroll down to Pricebook, then set the price book to 'Yes' and click the save button

Pricebook - Module Configuration DealPOS

Module Configuration for Enable Pricebook on DealPOS

II. Add New Pricebook

Step 1. Click the Add button on the Price book tab on the Promotion menu

Add new price book

Step 2. Fill in the Price book Form and click the Add a Variant button to set the price book per variant

Add a variant

Step 3. Set Price book Variant and click the Ok button to submit

Setup Pricebook Price on DealPOS

Step 4. Click the save button to process

Save price book

Step 5. Pricebook successfully added

Price book successfully added

Notes :

If you want to be able to change the price book, then you need to give access to the price book selector* "Explanation of the Functions of Role Users"

III. Using Pricebook on Sales

Step 1. Go to the sell menu and then input the product

Pricebook Feature on DealPOS

Step 2. Input quantity then press the ok button

The following example is how to price book work with a condition if the customer buys a product of 10 pcs or more, the customer will get a special price from the price book.

Input Quanitity product on DealPOS

If the quantity of products Sold < 10, the Price book will not be applied

Input quantity Product on DealPOS (2)

If the quantity of products Sold ≥ 10 Price book will be applied

Step 3. Click the Pay button to process the transaction

Sell menu on DealPOS

Step 4. Sales using the price book succeed

Pricebook feature successfully used

You can also show the Pricebook in the product description when selling to show the price book applied to that product. To show the price book label on the customer invoice, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Setup, click more menu, click the module

More Menu

Step 2. Click on Sell, scroll down to Pricebook, and tick Yes to Copy to item description

Copy to item description

Step 3. Go to the Sell menu and make a transaction using products that have been assigned to the price book

Price book Description

The Receipt from that transaction will show the price book applied to the products description:

Price book description

How to Use Pricebook/Wholesale Prices Video :

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