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Import Bulk Variant to Pricebook
Import Bulk Variant to Pricebook

Input Pricebook List in Bulk with .CSV Format

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In certain conditions, you might have several special customers. For example, the Regular and/or Reseller customers who frequently bought our products more than usual. Sometimes we want to give them a different treatment from any other customers by making the selling product price lower than the original price.

Pricebook is a special price that can be automatically changed from the regular price based on certain conditions such as Special Prices for Specific Customers, Cheaper prices with Minimum Quantity.

Table of Content :

I. Enable Pricebook Config

Before using the pricebook feature, you must activate the pricebook configuration in the setup menu.

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Module

More Setup Menu and Module COnfiguration

Step 2. Go to Sell Tab

Sell Configuration

Step 3. Enable Pricebook, then Click Save

Enable Pricebook

Notes :

If Copy to Item Description was enabled, pricebook information will be copied to item description on the cart.

II. Add Pricebook

If the pricebook feature has been activated, now you must create a pricebook on the promotion menu,

Step 1. Go to Promotion, Select Tab Pricebook, then Click Add

Add Pricebook

Step 2. Type Pricebook Name & Pricebook Description

Input Pricebook General Information

Notes :

Pricebook Description can be emptied.

Step 3. Set Pricebook Minimum Quantity & Outlet, then Click Save

Input Pricebook Configuration

Notes :

If you empty the outlet, the pricebook can be applied to all outlets.

Step 4. Recheck Registered Pricebook on Pricebook List

Check Pricebook on Pricebook List

III. Import Bulk Variant to Pricebook

Before adding a variant to pricebook, check the general price on the product menu :

Check General Price

Notes :

  • We are going to sell "Adidas Putih" with pricebook price

  • You must input variant code to the product to use this feature

Step 1. Go to Promotion (Pricebook), then Choose Any Pricebook

Edit Pricebook

Step 2. Click Edit Pricebook

Edit Pricebook by Clicking Edit

Step 3. Select Import Price Book (by CSV)

Import Variant for Pricebook

Step 4. Choose Download Sample, then Open Pricebook CSV File

Download Pricebook Sample

Step 5. Type Variant Code & Pricebook Price, then Save the File

Add Variant to Pricebook CSV File

Notes :

You can choose to fill one of the pricebook features or choose both pricebook price and pricebook discount.

Step 6. Upload Saved Pricebook by Choosing File on Import Form

Choose Pricebook CSV File

Step 7. Click Ok

Import File

Step 8. Recheck Uploaded Variant on Product List, then Click Save

Recheck Variant Update on List

Notes :

You can also add variants without using the import feature.

IV. Sell Product with Pricebook

Now, try to make a transaction with pricebook.

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Choose the Outlet

Make a Transaction

Step 2. Add Item to Cart

Add Item to Cart

Step 3. Change Item Quantity to 12, then See the Changes

Change Item Qty to Apply Pricebook

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