Usually, the store has several special customers. Both private customers and foreign customers who frequently buy their products. Sometimes, some shops want to give them a different treatment by selling products cheaper than usual.

After you have successfully created a Pricebook, you can also enter the Pricebook that you have created into the customer's contact. This function can be used If you have several customers who get special prices when shopping at your outlet.

The steps to force pricebook to contact customers are as follows:

Step 1. Go to Contact, then Select Customer

Choose the customer you want to set pricebook.

Contact menu - Set pricebook

For example will be to enter a pricebook for Aldi.

Step 2. Click Edit

Customer - edit

Step 3. Go to Sales & Pricing Tab, Select Pricebook, then Click Save

Sales and Pricing

Step 4. Pricebook Set Based on Specific Customers Successfully

Pricebook for spesific customer

To use pricebook to specific customer the minimum quantity must be "0" :

Pricebook for spesific customer - Qty "0"

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