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Pricebook Price for Wholesale Purchases
Pricebook Price for Wholesale Purchases

How to create special prices based on the quantity

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The pricebook feature will enable users to sell products at wholesale prices, bulk prices, or other special prices with a minimum purchase requirement for customers to qualify for the pricebook rate. The conditions for using Pricebook depend on the minimum quantity of products that must be purchased.

For example, the price of product A is Rp. 120,000, but when buying 10, the price will be cheaper at Rp. 100,000 per item.

This article will explain how to create and use a pricebook for wholesale prices or similar schemes with minimum purchase requirements.

Before adding and using the pricebook in the sell menu, you must activate and possibly configure some pricebook settings first. Learn more about Activate and Configure Pricebook.

I. Add New Pricebook

Step 1. Go to Promotion, Select Pricebook Tab, then Click Add

Click the Add button on the Price book tab on the Promotion menu.

Pricebook Add new

There are two options for adding products to the Pricebook, either adding them one by one or adding them in bulk through CSV. Learn more about Import Bulk Variants to Pricebook via CSV.

In this scenario, we are trying to add variants/products to the pricebook prices one by one manually.

Menambahkan Produk ke Pricebook (Satu Persatu)

Step 2. Setting Pricebook Price on Variant/Product

Set Price book Variant and click Ok to submit.

Pricebook price

Step 3. Input Pricebook Detail

Fill in the pricebook Form and click the Add a Variant button to set the price book per variant.

Isi Detail Pricebook

Table Properties :




Pricebook name


Pricebook description



Start Date

The initial time limit for using the pricebook (leave blank if you want to use it immediately)

Expiration Date

The expiration date/time limit for using the pricebook (leave blank if there is no expiration time)

Minimum Quantity

Minimum product purchase to qualify for the pricebook price


The outlet where the pricebook can be applied. (Leave blank if you want it to apply to all outlets)

Step 4. Click Save

Simpan Perubahan

Step 5. Pricebook was Successfully Added

Pricebook Berhasil Dibuat

Notes :

Please ensure that your account has been granted access to the Promotion - Pricebook role before adding or editing the pricebook.

II. Using Pricebook on Sales

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Add Product to Cart

Try adding a product with a pricebook, then click on the product in the cart to modify the quantity of that product.

Masukkan Produk ke Keranjang

Step 2. Edit Item Qty, then Click Ok

Type "12" in the product Qty to apply the pricebook price.

Ubah Qty Pada Produk

If the product Qty is less than 12, the price will still follow the regular price

Ubah Qty Pada Produk

Step 3. Pay Transaction

Click the pay button to process the transaction.

Klik Pay Untuk Menyelesaikan Transaksi

[Tutorial Video] Use Pricebook/Wholesale Prices

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