Sometimes, when we try to create an invoice, there may be some mistake during creating the transaction invoice and in certain conditions, it requires you to change the transaction date. In the following article, we are going to explain the steps how to change the transaction date using the posted date editor.

Table of Content :

I. Changing Invoice Post Date

II. Change Result

I. How To Change Invoice Posted Date

On the image below, there are three invoices for 22 September 2021, We're going to change the date because there are some mistakes when creating those invoices.

Customer Invoice

Step 1. Go to Transaction Menu in DealPOS Tools, then Click Posted Date Tab

Dealpos Tools App

You can go to the Tools app on this link : DealPOS Tools

Step 2. Set Parameters then Click Process

Parameters Customer Invoice Posted Date Editor

On the image above, here we will change the invoice from 22/09/2021 to 21/09/2021

Notes :

Created date is sometimes different from invoice date.

Step 3. Posted Date Editor Successful

Posted Date Editor Success

II. Result

You can check the edited Invoice Posted Date in the orders menu to make sure that the data has been changed to the date it was posted to 21 September 2021

Customer Invoice Date Edited

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