DealPOS system offers many different roles for users that later on can be used to give or restrict access from users contained on to DealPOS link uses.

At present DealPOS has roles with a new UI-friendly look, which makes it easy for you to do my role settings for your user group.

With the use of this feature, you could set data caps for users to access depending on the number of days that each user group chooses. For example, if you set a restriction for the cashier, they will only be able to see payment and order data 2 days ago.

Step 1. Go to Users - Groups - Select Group User

Users - Group - Select Users

Notes :

For this tutorial, we will arrange it for the Admin user group.

Step 2. Other Tab - Set Data Days Range - Save

Set date range you want :

Set Range Date

Notes :

This setting will only affect in payments menu and orders menu.

Step 3. Go to Orders/Payment to Recheck the Changes

Look at the range date it's only set for 2 days before :

Range Date

[Tutorial Video] Data Days Range Visibility for Users

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