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Forgot My Password Feature
Forgot My Password Feature

Learn how if you forgot your user password to login to DealPOS

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Sometimes you might forget the password you've already set when creating a user for your login to DealPOS. When this happened, you can try to use the Forgot My Password feature on DealPOS to retain your new password and use it to log in to your DealPOS account. The following steps below will explain to you how to recover your password if you forget your password when you want to log in to your DealPOS account :

Step 1. Go to Login Page, then Click Forgot Your Password

Open your DealPOS domain link, click on the forgot your password button on the login page.

Forgot password

Step 2. Input Username or Email, then click Submit

Input using username :

User forgot password

You can retain your new password by inputting the username that has been forgetting the password. The new password will be sent to the username's email that has been registered before :

User Email

Input using e-mail :

Email forgot password

Password successfully sent :

Successfully sent reset password

Step 3. Open Email, then Check Mailbox

Gmail inbox

Step 4. Click Reset Password Link

Password Reset by Email

Step 5. Password ws Successfully Changed

After the new password is obtained, you can log in using that password and make changes to the password in the profile/user menu as you want.

New password

Notes :

You can also Sign in With Google, to login your Dealpos account.

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