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Log in to a DealPOS user with using google mail instead of username and password
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Besides using a registered user to log in to your DealPOS domain. You can also log in using the Google Mail associated with your user. To log in with Google Mail, you can follow the steps below.

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I. Set Google Mail to User

A. Setup by My Profile Menu

Step 1. Click Company Name, Select My Profile, then Click General Tab

My Profile General

Step 2. Fill Email with Google Mail, then Click Submit

Fill Gmail

B. Setup by Users Menu :

Step 1. Go to Users Menu, then Select User

Users list

Step 2. Fill Email with Google Mail Account, then Click Update

User E-mail

II. Sign In Using Google Mail

Step 1. Try to Relogin, then Click Sign In with Google

Log out and then log in again using Google Mail that is associated with a user.

Google Mail Log in

Step 2. Choose Google Mail Account

Choose an account

Step 3. User was Succesfully Logged In with Goggle Mail

Log in success and you will be directed to the Dashboard.

Log in Success

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