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Learn how to use the My profile Page menu on DealPOS

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DealPOS system offers many different roles for users that later on can be used to give or restrict access from users contained on to DealPOS link uses.

At present DealPOS has roles with a new UI-friendly look, which makes it easy for you to do my role settings for your user group.

You can use the My Profile menu on DealPOS to see the data or information from the users that you're using to log in to the DealPOS. Before accessing the menu, make sure the access rights have been granted. To see how the My Profile menu works, you can see the steps below:

Step 1. Login to DealPOS

Login into the DealPOS system using the Username and Password that you have

Login DealPOS

Step 2. Click DealPOS Name, then Go to My Profile

After successfully logging in, you will immediately go to the dashboard page, click the Title then click My Profile.

My Profile

A. General Tab

This page contains information about the user's first name, last name, username, email, and password change form. You can go to this tab whenever you want to update your username data such as changing password for login, changing email, etc.

Tab General

B. Security Tab

On this page, you can see the groups you had assigned to your user and the outlets that you can access along with the access information.

Tab Security

C. Roles Tab

On this page, you can see the role's permission you set into your user.

Tab Roles

D. Developer API Tab

On this page, you can see your API Client secret. This API Client secret can be used if you're using other apps we provide such as marketplace integration, Jurnal ID integration, and many more.

Tab Developer API


In addition to using a password, you can also improve the security aspect of user login authentication by using TOTP (Time-based One-time Passwords).

tab TOTP

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