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Deduct Inventory From other Outlets by Default
Deduct Inventory From other Outlets by Default

How to assign default warehouse from Outlets

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When we make sales transactions, sometimes we don't have the physical stock of the products we sell at the outlet where the transaction takes place. Therefore, we can set by default that each sales transaction we make at the outlet will deduct the stock from another outlet or warehouse. To set the default Inventory reduction on an Outlet, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to the Outlets menu and Choose Any Outlet

Choose an outlet that you want to set default warehouse to deduct stock.

Outlets menu

Step 2. Click Edit Button

Edit Outlet

Step 3. Go to Default Tab, Choose Outlet for Warehouse, then Click Save

Choose the outlet that we will set as the default for stock deduction when there is a sales transaction at this outlet and click save button.

Outlet Default

Step 4. Make a Sales Transaction on the Outlet that we have set the Default Warehouse

Input the products into the Selling cart, click on the More actions button, and click on the Fulfillment. As we can see there, the default inventory for this Outlet is Warehouse. Whenever we create a sales transaction on this outlet, it will deduct the inventory from the Warehouse

Fulfillment Default
Deduct Inventory from

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