If your store is using the printing for 3 ply paper, Epson LX-310 is the perfect choice for you to use it. The article describe how to use printer LX-310. Printer Driver you can download Click here

Note : For this printer type you must use Mozilla Firefox for better printing result

Step 1. Open downloaded file, Install Printer Driver


Step 2. Setup Paper Size and Quality

Go to Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Right Click on LX-310 -> Printing Preferences -> Advanced.


Step 3. After printer settings are finish, if you want to see the print preview, you can see it in your Mozilla add-on menu - Print


Step 4. If this is your first time print using LX-310 the preview will be slightly off from the paper


Step 5 Click at the Print and then change the printer to LX-310 after that click print again after that click cancel and then close the preview for the preview to be updated according to LX-310 preview


Step 6. The preview looks good and ready to print

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