TADA is one of the famous loyalty apps systems in Indonesia, so we had a collaboration with TADA to build an integration between DealPos and TADA. This collaboration hopefully will make the user experience from your company is easier when using Dealpos and TADA. This article will help you step by step integrate your DealPos account with the TADA loyalty system.

If you want to integrate tada with dealPOS, the first step you have to do is contact the TADA team to request your middleware code in TADA.

Step 1. To Check Tada Integration with DealPOS Loyalty


Step 2. Fill In The Following Form With Your DealPOS Account

Sign In TADA

Step 3. If You Have Never Integrated It, In JSON Will be Empty


Step 4. Ask Middleware Code to TADA Customer Service

Sample of Middleware code :


Step 5. Validate TADA Code with JSON on JSON Lint


Step 6. Add the JSON to DealPOS Loyalty


Step 7. Click "Tambah", then Click Save Changes

Add JSON to Loyalty App

Step 8. TADA Credential was Submitted Successfully

JSON Added Successfully

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