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Point Configuration Setup in DealPOS
Point Configuration Setup in DealPOS

This is a setup to enable Points Configuration on DealPOS

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This is a setup to enable points on DealPOS, which needs to be noticed in the redeem point section. At the redeem point you should set according to how much the rupiah discount if redeemed with 1 point.

Step 1. Activate Loyalty Point

You can enable the loyalty point system on your outlet from the outlet menu with follow this step:

Open the outlet menu - click on your chosen outlet - click yes on enable loyalty point box.

Activate Loyalty Point on Outlet

Step 2. Setting Loyalty Configuration

Open the setup menu, select More menu, then click on application configuration and choose tab loyalty. Set your own earn point, reward point, and loyalty expired month setup, and also change the loyalty label as needed.

Setting Loyalty Configuration

Index Properties :



Earn Point

Set the amount of transaction to get one point

Redeem Point

point to be used to get a discount for one unit amount

Expired Month

set expiration for loyalty


rename default label's name of loyalty

Notes :

If your loyalty point is integrated with TADA, you need to set earn points and redeem points on "0" (zero), because loyalty calculation for your transaction is directed by the TADA system.

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