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To earn the point, customer just need to make any transaction and point will add automatically to customer's TADA account

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Loyalty Point is a promotion in the form of reward points given to customers who buy a product that you sell these points can later be exchanged for the reward products that you have prepared. The purpose of using this loyalty point system is to attract new and old customers to continue to buy your product to get or collect points. This article will explain two things about earning points.

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I. Add New Customer

After your DealPos loyalty system has been integrated with TADA, it will be implemented in every selling activity. To use TADA system, you need to register new customer to your system. To add new customer you can read Add New Customer article.

  • After fill in the form, customer will receive a short message from TADA

  • Your customer must download TADA application to use the point.

  • After download TADA application, open the application and point have been added automatically.

TADA Message

TADA Application UI

TADA Message

TADA Application UI

II. How to Earn Point

To earn the point, the customer just needs to make any transaction and the point will add automatically to the customer's TADA account. Customers can see transaction history and points earned from the Transaction History menu on TADA application.

Make Transaction to Earn Point

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