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How to Redeem the coupon from TADA to DealPOS

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Coupons are small letters or tickets that can be exchanged for goods or to buy goods and so on. Many retail businesses implement payment systems/methods using coupons to attract customers. This article describes how to Redeem the coupon from TADA to Dealpos.

Table of Content :

I. Using Point in TADA

Step 1. Open TADA Account - Select Discount Voucher

Example :

Here I choose a discount of 20%.

Use TADA Voucher

Step 2. Input Voucher Code on DealPOS

Discount with Percentage.

Discount Percentage (TADA)

Discount Amount.

Discount Amount (TADA)

Notes :

After sell complete, your coupon status will be automatically changed to Redeemed.

II. Using Point in DealPOS

Step 1. Make Sales Transaction

Input customer name.

Make Sales Transaction

Step 2. Input Coupon Code from TADA

Input Coupon Code from TADA

Notes :

If your TADA configuration is already activated, you can use both the redeem coupon from TADA and the promotion coupon from DealPOS. But if you use promotion coupons from DealPOS, the point from customers will not be increased. You may also want to read how to configure TADA point here.

Step 3. Voucher was Applied

Discount Percentage.

Voucher was Applied (Discount Percentage)

Discount Amount.

Voucher was Applied (Discount Amount)

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